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4 Features ad agency management will love about admation

Posted by Jodie Byass on Sep 23, 2015

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8Characters-CMOToday, we’re going to focus on how admation, our creative project management software can benefit department heads and management within an ad agency or marketing department.

Managing multiple teams or heading up a department is a complex task. It involves being responsible for a number of staff as well as the overall quality of work not to mention budgets. One of the main challenges of these roles is transparency – knowing exactly where projects are at and what resources are available at any point in time. If there’s no easy way to ascertain these, it’s difficult to know whether teams or departments are performing to target and projects will be delivered on time. 

Using ad agency project management software such as admation can certainly help make the role of management easier.  Here are 4 key ways admation can assist.

1. Access Projects anywhere, anytime

Admation enables all projects, documents and other files to be stored in one central online hub. This means that Management or Department Heads can get an overview of all jobs anywhere at anytime. No more waiting for WIP reports from multiple stakeholders or flitering through multiple spreadsheets. At the click of a button, all information on projects and work in progress is available.

2. Revision Reports

With admation, you can run daily/weekly revision reports that provide an overview of all outgoing artwork.

This enables managers or department heads to check work in progress and track high-level style and branding issues and monitor the revision count across projects. As a result, issues that might otherwise have slipped under the radar are idenitified sooner rather than later.  Knowledge is power!!

3. Transparency

Management and Department Heads will have transparency like never before with admation which can provide overall reporting on various metrics including number of jobs created and finished including the time it took to complete jobs, and the number of revisions.   

4. Managing Resources

Admation’s agency resource management software enables Management and Department Heads to review and report on resources so they can estimate resource capacity within a certain time period. Admation Resource Management features also allow users to assign tasks to staff, view what people are working each day and easily reassign tasks from one staff member to another.

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