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5 Key Issues with agency management software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Oct 6, 2015

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Do you often find yourself wondering why you're working twice as hard to use your agency management software when it's supposed to make your job easier?

Agency workflow processesHere are five key issues with ad agency management software that will have a major impact on your workflow and productivity and in turn your results if they're not addressed.

1. So many systems, so little integration. Often times agencies use multiple systems to get their jobs completed, whether it's your clients' CMS, your inbox, billing system or a myriad of other possibilities, it's absolutely imperative that they all integrate properly with your agency management software otherwise it's easy for important details, dates and even invoices to get lost.

2. Lack of client access. At the end of the day, it's all about your clients' satisfaction, so their input is essential to a successful project. If your client doesn't have easy access to your system they aren't able to simply add notes to the project but rather have to rely on your busy account managers to ensure not a single detail gets overlooked. The more direct your processes are the easier it will be to get the result your client is looking for and as we all know, a happy client brings more business.

3. Inability to assign tasks. With any major project, there are often multiple hands involved. Have you ever heard the phrase, 'too many cooks in the kitchen'? With so many hands in the pot so to speak, it's easy for tasks to get overlooked. Without the ability to assign tasks directly to the person responsible for it, you run the risk of an integral part of your project not being addressed and that is simply not a risk you can afford to take.

4. Overcomplicated options. Often project management software is designed for multiple industries. What suits an engineering firm is not necessarily going to suit an advertising agency. If the project management fields and options are too complicated they likely won't be used correctly or at all.

5. Lack of project review. At the end of each project an analysis should be completed to address how successful you were. Without this capability its impossible to determine what went well and what needs to be addressed in the future. The best way to prepare for future projects is to have a clear understanding of your past successes and yes, even failures.

If any of these issue resonate with you, perhaps it is time find the right project management software for your ad agency.  Download our white paper for some great tips.

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