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Admation Marketing Project Management Software Feature Release

Posted by Jodie Byass on Oct 12, 2016

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Admation Update - Improved In Project List

Everyone loves a trip to Ikea!  Oohing and Ahhing over all those space saving products, imagining how your tiny room is going to be transformed with that new shelving or storage unit.

Well the team at admation have that post Ikea glow after our latest release.  Working their magic behind the scenes, the product team have made some changes to improve your user experience with admation's marketing project management software. Admation's  In Progress List now stretches to the width of your screen, giving you more room to view additional columns. As you make your window wider/narrower some columns will be added or removed from the view. By default you will view the following fields: 

  • Project/Deliverable ID
  • Agency Job #
  • Advertiser
  • Description and Campaign (or Description and Deliverable Type if you are viewing the deliverables as well)
  • Status and Phase
  • Artwork Revision Count 
  • Owners
  • Live Start Date and Supply Deadline









As you stretch the admation screen wider you will view the following addtional fields:

  • Tasks
  • Latest WIP Note
  • Markets
  • Description and Campaign are separated into two columns
  • Status and Phase are separated into two columns
  • Live Start Date and Supply Deadline are separated into two columns
Admation_Wide_In_Progress.pngWe strive to deliver the best possible user experience, so if you would like to learn more about any of admation's new features, please give our support team a call.  Or download our paper to review 10 benefits of agency project management software.
10 Benefits of Project Management Software

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