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Admation Releases Work In Progress Calendar

Posted by Lawrence Kendall on Oct 13, 2015

Admation's latest release sees the rollout of an enhanced projects in progress list.  

The in progress list can now be viewed as a calendar gantt chart and displays:

  • Project Estimated Start & Finish date range

  • Project Key Dates (milestones and date ranges)

  • Deliverable Key Dates (milestones and date ranges)

This enahance feature now provides ad agency and marketing teams greater visibility of project schedules and milestones.  The new calendar view has been well received by project managers, ad agency traffic, and heads of departments as they can quickly gain a visual of what projects are in progress and milestones coming up. All these project stakeholders see the benefit in having thier projects visually represented on a calendar gantt chart. 

Check out the screen below for further details. 

Admation Project Management Calendar Gantt

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