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Admation releases improved project meta data

Posted by Jodie Byass on Jul 21, 2015

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We all know the importance of good marketing project meta data.  It helps us catalogise projects, search and retrieve projects or deliverables, and of course it is critical for project reporting and anaylsis.  Without recording accurate and detailed project meta data, we simply are not utilising the project management software we have available. 


Our team understand this, so have focused their past few weeks on improving the project meta data within admation.  This month's release sees improvements to the process of adding meta data, as well improvments to the type of information that is stored within a project.  A few of the highlights are detailed below. 

New Feature - Duplicate Deliverables

You can now duplicate an existing deliverable in your project.  This new feature within admation will not only save you time but will also ensure that deliverables within a project have accurate meta data recorded.

Watch this video to learn more

New Meta data - Markets 

Admation now includes a Markets field for each project deliverable.  This enables you to record where any deliverable to be distributed, which obviously becomes incrediblty useful when generating reports and analysising result of different target markets. 

New Meta data - Project Overview

Each project and deliverable now includes a new field - Project Overview.  This is a field that allows you to describe the job, and any specific information that may be useful for stakeholders to know. 

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