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Benefits of integrating online proofing with resource management software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Oct 17, 2017

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All too often, resources are overlooked or not adequately managed when it comes to allocating staff to creative projects. It makes perfect sense then to combine online proofing tools, which help to manage your approval workflow, with resource management software. Here are some benefits of integrating these two handy tools.Benefits.jpg

1. Resource management software takes the guess work out of allocating resources to creative projects.

The beauty of integrating resource management with online proofing tools is that you can rest assured your approval workflow won’t be interrupted with a shortfall in staff. Resource management tools ensure that you have complete transparency over your projects so that any conflict in resources will be highlighted immediately. 

2. Greater transparency over your resources and your approval workflow.

This integration enables both internal and remote stakeholders to see an overview of resources and where the project is at, any time. This means creative teams always know who is working on what and how milestones are tracking. Additionally, stakeholders in other departments or externally can see what the creative team’s capacity is when requesting new work. Additionally, you can reassign tasks easily from one staff member to another because of the resource management feature providing unprecedented transparency.

3. Eliminate high pressure workloads.

While online proofing tools help to eliminate the tedious administration and error-prone nature of managing approval workflow, resource management software enables you to allocate the right resources to deliver on the project. This also provides creative teams with a planned approach to projects. All this culminates in relieving much of the pressure involved in managing creative projects. 

4. Manage resource expenditure more accurately.

With a resource management component, managers and department heads can estimate and manage expenditure on creative projects more readily, as they can see what resources are being used for which projects. 

5.  Capitalise on quality and speed to market.

Online proofing tools improve the overall quality of your project and resource management tools enable you to make sure you have the right hands on deck to deliver your projects on time and on budget. 

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