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Bupa implements admation - marketing approval software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Mar 13, 2015

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Last year Bupa went to market to find a solution that would help them to meet their compliance requirements and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall marketing approval process. 

Additionally, Bupa needed a solution that would act as a single repository for all finalized marketing collateral. After reviewing the options available in the marketplace, Bupa selected admation as its preferred solution.

So, admation and Bupa have launched into 2015 with a new approach to managing marketing and compliance for the Bupa brand. With the implementation of admation, Bupa is hoping to achieve a consolidated marketing approval process that meets legal and marketing compliance obligations whilst also reducing the number of artwork revisions. 

Over the last few months, the team at Automaton has been working closely with Bupa to implement admation across the business. The deployment of the solution has involved training hundreds of people throughout Bupa’s departments as well as external ad agencies. 

From the beginning, the response from users and stakeholders has been very positive. Users of the solution have already mentioned they like the compare and review feature, whilst the Bupa teams have expressed a keen interest in the ability to help support compliance. The work in progress screen makes it easy to ascertain instantly the status of marketing projects and items requiring attention are readily apparent. The reporting feature has great potential to support management over-sight and governance – this is to be explored further over the coming months. 

So far it has been a rewarding partnership but it’s still early days. We will revisit Bupa later in the year to confirm that their objectives have been realised through admation.

Bupa are not alone, an increasing number of brands are looking for solutions to help manage thier marketing approval process.  For further insight into this trend, I recommend reading Brands looking for efficient marketing approval process.

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