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Change the way you work with admation project management software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Apr 5, 2016

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Admation blends a number of great features together to offer a one-stop cloud-base solution to manage creative projects. This week we’re going to take a closer look at admation’s project management features and demonstrate how its inbuilt tools can help you and your team work more effectively. HiRes_10.jpg

1. Create online templates for greater ease

Admation allows users to set up forms online and customise these to their requirements. This means that all fields can be included on project and brief templates so that important details aren’t overlooked. When a project is already set up, its title and deadlines can be automatically transposed to the template document so that you don’t have to re-enter details.

Once templates are created, users can then easily search for, locate and complete forms online, and then share with other stakeholders. All document changes and communication are saved in admation so that an audit trail of work is recorded for later reference, if required. Not only does this tool make briefing so much easier, it means that stakeholders always have access to the most current document version.


2. Dispense with traditional project management tools by saving all files online

Admation enables you to save all documents in one central hub, which can be accessed by any stakeholder anywhere. The inbuilt document management tool allows you to upload and download any document that is vital to a project. This tool also has a search function so that users can locate documents quickly and easily. When setting up a new document, all you need to do is add meta data and select a few key words so that the document can be found in just seconds. Admation also lets users save artwork files and briefs so that all files are available at the click of a button. Additionally, a project overview means you no longer have to laboriously track work on a spreadsheet - it’s always current and available to view online in admation.


3. Admation’s user friendly interface offers greater transparency

Admation’s calendar gantt chart provides a visual representation of project milestones so it’s easy to decipher if work is tracking on time. In a snapshot, stakeholders are able to ascertain estimated start and finish dates, key dates and deadlines for deliverables. Admation also provides an overview of all work in progress on one screen, so stakeholders don’t have to click on different screens or documents to find out where work is at.


4. Reminders and alerts keep stakeholders on track

Admation’s reminders and alerts shortcut the usual administration required for sending artwork for approval. To send an approval, you simply have to click on the ‘Submit for Approval’ button which allows you to select the deliverable that needs to be sent out. Next the submission management tool enables users to edit the recipients, set up deadlines, and attach files and comments. When editing recipients, users have the option of setting up tiered approvals. For example, a selection of stakeholders can be sent artwork first and, when approved, another selection can receive it. When setting up deadlines, reminders can also be automated so that if a stakeholder misses the approval deadline, a reminder will be automatically sent out so that you don’t have to do the chasing.


5. Reporting tools can create reports in just a few clicks

Admation’s project management feature also incorporates a handy reporting tool. This tool enables users to generate reports for work in progress as well as project requests. The latter report means that creative teams can ascertain where their requests are coming from and how often, so as to better prepare for them. It can also highlight if departments are overusing creative resources.

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