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A complete solution to manage creative projects & approval workflow!

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 20, 2015

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Selecting and implementing software that will help to manage your creative projects and streamline your approval process takes time, but find the right solution, and the results are worth it.

What if, however, you invest the time and money only to find that, while the solution is great, it only manages one part of the process, such as online proofing?
Well, the exercise could prove to be a frustrating one.
This is where admation is different compared to other approval workflow solutions. Admation manages the entire marketing process from start to finish.

Ad agencies and brands are seeking a wholistic approval workflow solution.
In today’s competitive environment, ad agencies are typically looking for software to manage creative projects from client brief to artwork approval, dispatch and archive. Likewise, brands are seeking the same kind of wholistic solution to fit their environment. And it makes sense.

While some other solutions on the market do online proofing really well, they’re not integrated with project and resource management modules. This means traditional tools such as spreadsheets, databases, or secondary software, need to be maintained to manage and track projects and resources. Unfortunately, this places undue pressure on staff as they now have to manage the different stages of the process via a number of tools.  

And then there are the solutions that track timesheets and manage tasks and resources really well, but do not consider the workflow or the approval of the marketing content.  These solutions are only solving part of the problem. 

Admation is a complete solution to manage the entire workflow of creative projects.
Finding one solution that manages the entire process or life of a project can have huge benefits for ad agencies and brands. Admation is not just an stand-alone online proofing solution that provides a collaborative review process. The software has integrated project management and resource management modules so that the entire process can be managed through one solution. No more juggling tools and screen hopping, which is tedious and time consuming. Admation offers one central hub to manage all of your projects, from creating your project and tasks to managing resources and approving artwork.

The other admation feature that is often missing from approval workflow software is digital asset management and production file storage. With admation, when a job is approved, instead of reverting back to old processes to store the production files and archive the job users can simply updates the project status and the artwork is automatically stored in admation’s digital library.

This means assets are easily located and shared at any time in the future whenever required.If you’re going to spend the time and money on implementing approval workflow software, make sure it meets all your needs from start to finish.

Is your ad agency ready for project management software?

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