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The benefits of an Approval Workflow Software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Mar 10, 2015

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In last week's blog I introduced our readers to marketing approval workflow solutions, what a solution is and why more marketing teams and ad agencies are looking for software to help them manage their workflow.  Today, I going to run through some of the benefits of adopting a approval workflow solution.


The benefits will vary from organisation and can depend on factors such as the size of your marketing team, the processes already in place, the people and culture in organisations.

However, below is a list of some common benefits achieved from workflow approval software. 

1. Streamlines the marketing approval workflow

  • Dispense with clunky email approval processes with the ease of submitting briefs, requests and feedback in one central hub.
  • Manage approvals effortlessly with designated approval lists and automated notifications to remind stakeholders that feedback is required.
  • See where your marketing project is at in an instance.
  • Reduce compliance risks as no deliverables can be finalised without approval.

2. Plans and tracks your marketing approval workflow and work in progress in one central hub.

  • Set up your own project with selected teams and stakeholders.
  • Set deadlines for feedback and final approval.
  • A project overview lets you see the progress of your marketing work at any time, anywhere.

3. Automates your marketing administration.

  • You can create and save your own templates so that these are saved and ready to use at the start of each new project.
  • You can set up automated reminders for feedback and approval so that you don’t have to do the chasing.
  • It simplifies the marketing approval process by centralising messaging, feedback, project tracking and approval.
  • You can spend more time working on your next big idea.

4. Provides transparency on your project

  • You can see in an instance who has approved the deliverable and who hasn’t.
  • You can see at what point the project is at and whether it’s on deadline.

5. Manages your marketing assets.

  • You can store final assets here so that marketing assets don’t “go astray”.
  • You can share final assets to any selected and approved stakeholder, which provides ease as well as security.

These are really just a few high level benefits, there are many more. If you would like learn more about the benefits admation - approval workflow software has brought to other organisations, I can suggest some further reading:  Admation brings real savings to CPA Australia or Admation appointed to streamline David Jones' marketing process

Stay tuned for next week's blog update where I will be outlining some key features to look for when reviewing software.  This comprehensive list should help you identify what features your organisation needs and assist your in your search for the right solution. 

However, if you would like to learn more about marketing approval workflow, head over to our comprehensive article now! 

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