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The costs of not implementing agency management solution.

Posted by Jodie Byass on Nov 15, 2016

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Last week we reviewed how your ad agency can measure ROI on implementing project management software. This week we’re going to take a look at what’s at stake for your agency if you don’t implement agency project management software to streamline your operations. The bottom line is, it’s costing you money and here’s why:

1. A lack of transparency on projects eats into valuable time.
Let’s say someone asks you to provide an update on all work in progress. Do you find yourself jumping from Excel spreadsheets to artwork files as well as running around to ask your teams how projects are tracking? If the latter is true, then you’re not working as efficiently as you could be. Agency management software, on the other hand, can provide this kind of information in no time at all, as all files are saved in one central location and the solution offers a project overview.iStock_000065385229_Double.jpg

2. Poor resource management can delay projects or force you to hire freelancers at the last minute.
If you don’t have a project management tool which clearly maps out your resources across all projects, then you might be double booking resources and leaving some projects short. This could lead to deadlines being pushed back, which isn’t great for repeat business, or having the extra cost of hiring ad hoc freelancers to bring the project in on deadline. It’s also difficult for stakeholders outside of the creative team to know what resources are available for future projects without a resource planner. The beauty of a resource management feature is that it offers unprecedented transparency and allows users to allocate resources across all projects while highlighting any inconsistencies immediately.

3. Manually updating spreadsheets or using more than one tool to manage projects is tedious and time wasting.
We touched on this briefly above, but it’s worth expanding upon this point. Today, ad agencies are not only juggling multiple campaigns at any one time, but additionally the market demands immediacy and expediency. If your creative teams are bogged down in tedious administration or having to jump from one tool to another to manage projects, then you’ll struggle to turn work around quickly. And the more time spent on administration, the less time you have for being creative.

4. Without a strong framework for managing projects things can and will go wrong.
Do you find that briefs are submitted without all the essential information you need to kick off a project? Are resources already booked leaving you short for your latest campaign? Is it difficult to track campaigns once they’ve started because you have no way to review their progress? Are approvals left hanging because no one has followed them up? If all this sounds familiar then consider how this is impacting on your bottom line. Could it be better? Absolutely. With project management software you have briefing templates, resource management tools, an overview of projects, the ability to set reminders, reporting tools, and much more, to support you.

5. Without digital asset management (DAM), creative assets can be difficult to locate.
So someone has requested an asset from a campaign you did six months ago. You have an idea about where it is located but it still takes you twenty minutes to actually find it. Alternatively, when you do find it you’re not sure it’s the right version, and you get that sinking feeling in your gut. With project management software that has an integrated DAM feature you’ll never lose sight of your assets. Final versions are automatically saved to its digital library and it only takes seconds to locate a file saved here.

6. Exhausted creative teams, high staff turnover, mediocre ideas occur when projects aren’t managed adequately.
If you’re finding resources are miscalculated, project briefs are not easy to decipher, too much time is spent tracking rather than building projects, then your creative teams are going to find it hard to find the space and energy to be creative. Remember your agency is built on ideas and inspiration. If you don’t have that, then the financial ramifications could be dire for your agency in the long run.

And if that is not enough to convince you to consider implementing agency managment or approval workflow software,  read why more Brands looking for efficient marketing approval process.

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