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Best Practices Session 2: Customer Retention Strategies for Ad Agencies

Posted by Jodie Byass on Sep 5, 2017

Statistics for client retention isn’t what it used to be for creative ad agencies. In fact, today clients are only staying as long as two and half years, with other reports indicating that clients ditch one in three agencies every twelve months. So, what does that mean for your ad agency? Well, the thing about statistics is that you can either become one or rise above the status quo.

In this Best Practices session, we’ll provide a number of customer retention tips for ad agencies to ensure they achieve robust, long-term relationships with clients.

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Getting the most out of your new project management software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 24, 2017

So you’ve finally selected your new project management software. Now to ensure that you have a successful implementation phase.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your new creative project management software drawn on years of industry experience and feedback.

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How to Switch Your Agency Project Management Software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 16, 2017

If you’re thinking about replacing your agency project management software, you’re not alone. Capterra Management’s User Research Report highlighted that 44% of companies had utilised different project management software prior to implementing their current one. The top reason for the switch: the old tool wasn’t comprehensive enough.

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10 Great Benefits of Agency Resource Management Software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Jul 18, 2017

While there’s many ways to measure an agency’s success, dependable and highly productive teams are one its greatest assets. Dropping a resource and underestimating the work required on any given project can see a team’s output drastically impeded. 

Here are ten great benefits of using agency resource management software for your ad agency. 

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