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Avoid a Tree Change with Better Marketing Compliance

Posted by Jodie Byass on Jul 18, 2018

The Dilemma and The Fix Series - Part 2

The Dilemma
Matt is part of a Legal team for a big brand. His likes include legal protocol, tennis and home-made burritos. His dislikes include anything to do with motorsports and compliance issues. 

Unfortunately, marketing compliance is getting harder for Matt’s team to manage with Marketing sending harried, last-minute approval requests. Last month, Legal was missed altogether in the sign off process for a major campaign – a major headache for Legal in the fallout! Now Matt’s team is trying to keep tabs on marketing projects with very little transparency. Twice already, Matt and another colleague have doubled-up on reviewing artwork. Matt is seriously considering a tree change.

Are you in a Legal or Compliance role where your brand’s reputation is on the line because of clunky marketing processes and tools? Do you feel Matt's pain?   Well, here’s our fix for your compliance issues.

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How to manage common marketing project challenges with Admation

Posted by Jodie Byass on Nov 15, 2017

One of the top challenges faced by marketers today is creating campaigns that are memorable. If you drill down deeper, though, the challenges really begin at an operational level. Exhausting workloads, tedious administration, and ineffectual processes and tools are draining that sweet elixir that drives great ideas - creativity.

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5 ways admation approval workflow software helps marketing compliance

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 29, 2016

Do you ever get that sinking feeling in your gut when you realise: legal hasn’t approved a campaign that’s already live; somebody has used an old marketing asset instead of the most current one; or nobody can remember why an artwork change was made and there’s no audit trail to confirm this? 

These are common headaches experienced by marketing departments today, which can easily become nightmares if marketing regulations are breached.

Here’s five key ways admation’s approval workflow software can help your brand stay in control some of marketing compliance.

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The benefits of staying on top of marketing compliance

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 24, 2016

Last week we looked at what can happen to your brand if you let your marketing compliance slip. This week, though, we get to deliver the good news. Here are some of the great benefits of staying on top of your marketing compliance:

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