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Take the Angst Out of Managing Your Brand Assets

Posted by Jodie Byass on Jun 20, 2018

The Dilemma & The Fix Series - Part 1:

The Dilemma
Serena is a Brand Manager for a global business with stores in five countries and an online sales portal. It’s only morning time but she has a good feeling about today which is forecasted to be bright and sunny. She’s already received news that the latest product catalogue has been printed and is ready to be dispatched. Sure it’s the same catalogue that went through endless rounds of changes and is nearly two months overdue, but it’s all good now.

Suddenly one of her team members appears at her door looking anxious … Errr … there’s been an oversight. Somehow the wrong logo ended up on the front cover of the catalogue. In the previous catalogue, it was the wrong CMYK colour! Last month, the wrong tagline on an ad campaign! Seriously, what could go wrong next? Serena’s day just went from bright to very gloomy.

Like Serena, are you tired, perplexed, at your wit’s end about the wrong branding being used across a range of marketing campaigns? Seeking an easy fix for this never-ending dilemma?

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Admation agency management software offers integrated DAM features.

Posted by David Ewers on Mar 2, 2018

Recently, we caught up with again Dave Ewers who is a technology consultant to the advertising and marketing industry specialising in digital workflow and digital asset management (DAM) software solutions.  

With over 30 years of industry experience, Dave has a wealth of knowledge on current market trends and leading software solutions.  Previously, as a guest blogger Dave has highlighted the importance of a DAM solution being integrated with other agency project mangement software.  

Today, Dave is reviewing admation and the benefits of its integrated DAM functionality.

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Which Software is Right for me? Understanding Marketing Software Categories.

Posted by Jodie Byass on Feb 6, 2018

The role of the marketer has evolved over time to keep up with technological advancements and business demands. Today, not only do you have to be a jack of all trades, you also have to be a master of one pulling together a range of media streams and marketing management strategies to achieve one crucial objective: ROI for your business. It’s comes as no surprise then that marketers today are turning to technology tools to help automate and streamline many aspects of their role.

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Why standalone DAM software is outdated and integration is the future!

Posted by David Ewers on Oct 25, 2017

What is a ‘traditional’ DAM system?
The Digital Asset Management (DAM) marketplace currently consists of many vendors, all of which have generally followed a similar business model. Most DAM systems exist as a clearly defined standalone product that have their own user interface and unique look and feel. They often feature a proprietary database in which to store all the records and metadata for assets contained within the system.

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