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Tips to manage ad agency resources and improve staff morale in 2017

Posted by Jodie Byass on Apr 27, 2017

In a recent survey, Campaign US cited that 47% of ad agency staff are suffering low morale. Australia hasn’t escaped the trend with a number of key industries admitting to a morale problem and almost one in four people leaving their job in the first year. The main reasons cited for low morale, particularly in creative agencies, are poor leadership, a lack of career opportunity and a general dissatisfaction in work. With employee turnover costs escalating, low morale isn’t just making people unhappy it’s costing Australian businesses big bucks (in the billions collectively).

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Benefits to Global brands who choose smaller ad agencies for marketing projects

Posted by Jodie Byass on Feb 23, 2017

Today, brand marketing is no longer limited to television and print media. The internet now enables marketers to leverage opportunities through a multitude of channels such as mobile, social media and digital. For brands to respond to this new immediacy, they’re hiring smaller agencies with specialised skills. This trend is resounding in Australia.

“The Valentine’s Day revelation shows that the space of specialism has become one of the biggest growth areas in advertising, with some small agencies earning millions from their big brand dalliances.” ‘Big brands enjoy million dollar deals with small agencies as adland abandons monogamy’, says

But specialisation is only one of the reasons big brands are turning to smaller agencies. Here’s an overview of the great benefits of working with nimble ad agencies.

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Marketing and advertising industry trends for 2017

Posted by Jodie Byass on Feb 8, 2017

It’s a new year and, while you’re probably making your own projections and goals for the year ahead, there’s also a collective shift in thinking that impacts the marketing and advertising industry. In 2017, the industry will see a few trends from last year follow through as well as there will be a focus on streamlining operations with agile methodologies and digital tools. A return to brand trust and honouring teams (over individuals) is what marketers and creatives are likely to be attuned to in 2017.

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Small ad agencies compete with global agencies

Posted by Jodie Byass on Feb 2, 2017

To many, the idea of competing with global ad agencies is a daunting task. But smaller agencies are doing exactly that and with great aplomb. This isn’t so surprising given that smaller agencies are renowned for their fearless work cultures. Often founded by creatives who have extensive experience working with bigger agencies, they’re kicking off smaller enterprises with not only a wealth of knowledge but gutsiness and vision. This is leading the charge on innovation in the industry.

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