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5 reasons Agency Traffic or Project Managers will love admation!

Posted by Jodie Byass on Sep 15, 2015

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Today we shift our focus to Agency Traffic and Project Managers, and the benefits they will gain from admation, our creative project management software.

While Agency Traffic and Project Managers have some variations in their roles, their similarities see them both responsible for managing project workflows, resources and budgets. This means they both encounter many of the same challenges, including a lack of transparency for projects in progress, high revision counts which delay campaigns, delayed approvals, resource allocations and budget blowouts.

Here’s five ways admation can help Agency Traffic and Project Managers to streamline their workflow and keep projects on track. 

1. Complete Project List

Admation offers a central online platform where all projects and assocated documents are stored. This means that Agency Traffic or Project Managers can get an overview of all jobs at the click of a buttom. This means no longer having to rally multiple stakeholders to collate manual WIP reports.

2. Project Reports

To ascertain what creative or studio are working on, admation can provide unprecedented transparency with a detailed status report, which outlines how each job is tracking and what work is currently being worked on.

3. Revision Reports

With admation, users can run daily/weekly revision reports that provide an overview of all outgoing artwork. This enables Agency Traffic or Project Managers to check for and track high-level style issues and high revision count jobs. As a result, the issues can be found at an earlier stage and easily remedied.

4. Integrated Resource Management 

Admation’s agency resource management software enables Agency Traffic and Project Managers to review and report on resources, giving them greater transparency to estimate resource capacity and plan projects accordingly. Having the resource management integrated into the project management and approval workflow software, gives Project Managers more control to manage their projects. 

Admation's Resource Management module also gives Project Managers and Traffic the flexibility to assign tasks to staff, view what people are working each day and easily reassign tasks from one staff member to another.

5. Managed Approval Workflows

Admation’s approval pathways mean that approval workflow is managed from the beginning so that the right stakeholders get artwork at the right time to approve. System generated reminder alerts keep stakeholders on their toes so that approvals don’t sit too long causing a bottleneck in workflow.

Stayed tuned next week for 5 features Project Managers or Agency Traffic are going to love!!

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