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5 Reasons Project Management & Approval Workflow Software is Better than Spreadsheets

Posted by Jodie Byass on Apr 6, 2016

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Managing Resources with spreadsheetsAd agency project management involves tracking your day-to-day approvals and timelines, asset management, effective resource utilisation and forecasting. If your agency finds success and grows, you’ll also find that managing the increased volume and handling of up-to-date information via spreadsheet becomes inaccurate, time consuming, and ineffective. Adding Resource Management software can mitigate some of the headaches and challenges.

You could keep following the old school path, wasting precious time and potentially risking mistakes, or you could adopt a one- stop solution that can streamline and track your activities from one place. If you’re still using archaic spreadsheets, word documents and job bags to manage your projects, perhaps these five reasons below may make you reconsider adopting Agency Resource Management Software instead:

Excel Spreadsheets Cannot be updated by Multiple Users Simultaneously

Managing ad agency resources mean recording a range of information including documents, reviews, notifications and reminders, task allocation and more. There’s numerous data associated with each task, and entering it manually is time consuming job and error prone. Unlike agency management software that allows users to login anytime and update, Excel allows a secondary user to open the file only in “Read Only” mode. 

Unlike Excel, Resource Management Supports Structured Workflow

Agency management software organises interlinked data from each stage of your project and consolidates it in one place so it can be accessed whenever required. You are also able to set up permissions that restrict what each stakeholder can access so that internal and external stakeholders only see what they need to see. When agencies rely on Excel for accomplishing this, multiple spreadsheets need to be distributed to employees and merged together manually to update the final one. Alternatively, using a resource management software enables you to perform automated tracking of approvals, communications, version control and other marketing asset management

Resource Management Tools can Support Version Control

One of the prominent features of agency management software is to reduce the revision counts. An ad agency project management software supports multiple file formats with easily identifiable version controls. Speaking of version control, Excel spreadsheets don’t have it. You need to update manually in order to bring forth a new update in the project, and checking the previous version of a module becomes a time consuming manual task. Agency management software makes the task easy through version control. You are able to share the latest version with multiple stakeholders, and can always go back to view older iterations.

Streamlined Approval Process with Notifications and Reminders

Project management and approval workflow software allows step by step approval for your project modules along with the ability to set approval gateways, creating flexibility to select from one or more pre-designed approval paths. Approval Workflow allows you to select more than one approver for a deliverable, as well as multiple approvals for tasks. Excel spreadsheets were never meant to track each of your project approvals. It just allows you to enter your project approval details, and does not setup any notifications or reminders for managing the approaching deadlines or approvals.

Easy Sharing and Collaboration of Files

A spreadsheet does allow you to view team project updates, but only using a single access approach. Ad agency software allows for easy sharing and distribution of files and important documents both internally and with external stakeholders. Reviewers can view all relevant project comments and markups. Spreadsheets just don’t allow for this kind of viewing experience.

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