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5 ways admation helps Legal and Marketing Compliance Teams

Posted by Jodie Byass on Sep 28, 2015

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Legal and Marketing Compliance teams are responsible for ensuring that all marketing collateral adheres to brand and legal requirements. There is increasing pressure on legal and compliance teams as regulations constantly change and the volume of content they need to approve increases. 


Some common headaches for Legal and Compliance teams include: receiving artwork too early in the approval process, doubling up on resources when reviewing artwork, a clunky feedback system and being overlooked entirely in the approval workflow process. These issues can result in time being wasted on approval workflow as well as information going to market that is potentially incorrect.

Here’s five ways admation’s approval workflow software can help with these marketing compliance challenges.

1.  Tiered Approval Paths

Admation provides a feature that allows users to set up tiered approvals. This commits the Legal team to review and sign off on artwork only once all other approvals have been received. Finally, no more reviewing artwork prematurely only to discover a team member will have to check the next version, and possibly the version after that. Secure approval pathways also means that Marketing Compliance will never be overlooked ever again.

2.  Projects in Progress

Admation allows users to consolidate a list of approval requests, which acts as an approvals “to do list” across all of the business. This enables Legal and Compliance to gauge where projects are at in the process and estimate when their legal input is required.

3. Online Proofing Tools

Admation’s integrated online proofing software makes artwork changes a breeze. Online proofing tools allow changes to be clearly defined by outlining an area and then typing in feedback and amendments in the comments box. This eliminates the time wasting exercise of having to mark up artwork manually, and then scan in pages and email on to recipient. It also means Legal and Compliance won’t be bothered by designers or marketers afterwards trying to decipher hand written mark ups.

4. Reserve Job Feature

There’s nothing more frustrating than doubling up on work and resources. Admation’s handy reserve feature allows one Legal team member to reserve a job for review. This in turn eradicates the possibility of two colleagues unbeknown to the other reviewing the same job.

5. Great Transparency

Admation’s approval workflow software gives Legal and Compliance the option of searching for an approval provided by other team members. This feature enables teams to have transparency across who’s approved what and the kind of feedback that has been provided.


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