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5 Ways Admation Improves the Marketing Review and Approval Process

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 16, 2021 12:00:00 AM
Jodie Byass

Let?s face it; managing creative projects is complicated. You have to keep track of all the steps and stakeholders in the process while keeping an eye on deadlines to ensure you perform the way your client expects you to. Add to that the fact that marketers nowadays have to run various campaigns across various channels, and it doesn?t get any easier.

And we probably don?t have to tell you how easily a project can be delayed and the consequences if this happens. But let?s move on from identifying problems, and instead look at some solutions. With that in mind, we?d like to focus on some of the ways admation can help your creative team overcome the challenges they face, improve your review and approval workflow and keep your marketing projects on track. So, let?s take a look.


What is the Review and Approval Process?

Your review and approval process is simply the process that you follow when creating marketing content. It typically involves several steps that determine when content or collateral should be reviewed, by who, and how feedback will be collated.

Ultimately, how you design your review and approval workflow will have an effect on how quickly you?re able to get work out the door. So, to prevent your process from being bogged down by delays, missed deadlines, and going over budget, you need a streamlined review and approval process.



Why is it Important?

A streamlined process makes it easier for you to track your approvals in one central hub and your team to work with one process. This simplifies approval requests and feedback and ensures that the right people give feedback at the right time.

As a result, it eliminates conflicting feedback and confusing instructions that can lead to delays in the process, ultimately causing missed deadlines and going over budget. To do this, you need the right tools, especially if you?re still using email and spreadsheets to manage your marketing projects.

That?s where Admation comes in.  Our online proofing software is a feature-rich solution designed specifically for marketing and creative teams responsible for managing the review and approval of marketing content.


5 Admation Features That Improve the Review and Approval Process

With that in mind, let?s look at 5 Admation features that can improve your review and approval process.

1. Forwarding

Admation?s forwarding feature makes it easier to share work for review between team members. With this feature, you can send out files for review to someone else even if they weren?t included in the original approval request. You can then collate their feedback and any other stakeholder feedback to ensure that you don?t suffer conflicting feedback which can lead to delays in the process and excessive revisions.

You?re also able to annotate files if you?d like to provide additional information. The feature also allows you to mask some of the contents if you would like to conceal some aspects from specific reviewers.

As a result, this feature makes it easy to provide a single source of truth for all change requests, which, in turn, reduces confusion and streamlines the process.


2. Reviewer Checklists

Reviewer checklists allow you to triple check work for inconsistencies which makes compliance easier. They do this by preventing you from approving work when checklists have not been completed. As a result, you?ll make sure that all mistakes are fixed before your work goes out to market.

Here, Admation provides you with a standardized set of checklist questions and responses displayed at every stage of the approval process to make it even easier.


3. Batch Approvals

Admation?s batch approval feature makes it easier to approve multiple files with only a few clicks. In a batch approval, static files are lined up alongside each other so you can see the slight similarities and differences in design. Likewise, animated files or shown to relative scale.  This feature is perfect for approving remarketing ads with minimal hassle.


4. Comment Tagging

Comment tagging is designed to promote collaboration across teams. It?s as simple as mentioning individuals in the comments using the @ symbol. You?ll then be able to track replies as these conversations unfold within your file reviews. In addition, these comments are entirely accessible from the Admation audit trial. This ensures that no one is left in the dark and everyone is up to date on all change requests across all your campaigns.


5. Conditional Approval

Conditional approval gives reviewers the ability and flexibility to request changes while, at the same time, removing the need to review the same files again. In simple terms, when an approval is conditional, the reviewer has changes, but they don?t need to see the work again when the changes have been made.

As a result, once a second file is provided, the system automatically approves the work on that reviewer?s behalf. This feature, best used for minor changes, gives teams and reviewers the flexibility to continue working on other more critical projects.


Admation Benefits

When you use these features and the multitude of other features provided by the admation platform, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • streamline your marketing approval processes by dispensing with less-than-optimal and old-fashioned tools which weren?t designed for marketing approvals.
  • track your approvals and feedback in one central place, which helps keep your projects on track.
  • automate your marketing administration which can save you time and take the hassle out of following up on feedback and approvals.
  • have complete transparency across all your projects where you?ll be able to see who has approved a deliverable and who hasn?t. You?re also able to see what stage the project is at, whether it?s on time, and the edits that have been made.
  • Ultimately, you?ll ensure that your marketing projects stay on time and budget.


The Bottom Line

In a competitive market, you must have a streamlined review and content approval process in place. Admation was designed from the ground up to help you do this, and it streamlines the process of managing approvals for a range of marketing projects. Discover more about admation approval workflow software - Book a Demo Today! 

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