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Change your approach your marketing approval process

Posted by Jodie Byass on Sep 29, 2014

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Bottlenecks in the marketing approval process are not unlike bottlenecks in traffic: they burn unnecessary fuel and, ultimately, can cause critical delays. 

But while you don’t have much influence over traffic congestion, you can change the way you approach your marketing approval workflow to ensure a smoother ride for your projects.


Identifying bottlenecks

Before you do anything, you need to step back from your current process and identify where the bottlenecks are occurring and, more importantly, what is causing them. To simplify this, let’s use the traffic analogy to identify some common bottlenecks that brands and agencies encounter:

1. Too many cars on the road
Like too many cars on the road, too many unnecessary stakeholders in your approval process are only going to cause delays in getting your project across the line.

2. A car has broken down in the middle of the intersection
Your project has been tracking well when all of a sudden communication has stalled and no one knows where the project is at.

3. Cars are parked in no parking zones
Have you forgotten someone? Is your legal department on board with this latest project or will they ask to view the collateral at the 11th hour returning with changes that will seriously delay your output?

4. Road work
So some pot holes have surfaced in your approval process and someone’s missed a brief. Oops you’ll have to go back and have the designer work on the design again because something got lost in translation.

5. Traffic gridlock
An important stakeholder is out of the office for a few days at a conference and can’t access the design files. Approval will just have to wait.

Ease the congestion

If the bottlenecks in your approval process are costing you time and money, then it’s probably time to consider a new steamlined approach. Online marketing approval solutions not only eliminate workflow congestion by mapping out project milestones with correlating stakeholders, they also offer a central digital hub where stakeholders can access files from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Admation, an online marketing management solution, has delivered real savings for many brands and marketing teams. It could also be the key to changing the way you manage your marketing approvals. Contact us to arrange a demonstration today!

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