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Admation Marketing Resource Management Software helps ease Resource Burnout

Posted by Jodie Byass on Jun 8, 2022 11:55:00 AM
Jodie Byass

It's reported that between 5 to 7 per cent of the workforce are affected by burnout due to changes in the work environment. 2022 has been a challenging year off the back of two exception years.  Currently not a day goes by where I do not hear a colleague, teacher, client or friend refer to their fatigue. The burnout is real, and it does not seem to discriminate across gender, age, industry or occupation. 

According to an ABC article on burnout, three experts identify several changes in the way we work that may be increasing burnout - shrinking job stability, mounting workloads, fewer resources to tackle that workload, an erosion of work-life balance, and so on.

In our previous blog How to avoid burnout in a creative ad agency we provided an overview of burnout and what the individual and ad agency can do to combat the problem. This week we want to expand upon the point of marketing resource management software and how it can help creative teams feel more in control of their projects and workloads. We created admation with many inbuilt features to do exactly that. 

LessStressOfficeHow admation's marketing resource management software can help ease the burden of managing multiple projects:

1. Manage resources with more visibility and accuracy to reduce high-pressure workloads.
One of the major causes of burnout is unrelenting, high-pressure workloads with no end in sight. Admation has an integrated resource management feature that enables traffic managers to resource projects more effectively.

Tasks can be assigned in just a few clicks and then admation notifies the resource about the allocation. An easy drag and drop tool means that tasks can be reassigned in emergencies in no time at all. If a resource is already booked in a certain time slot, tasks cannot be allocated to them. In addition, a live workload meter displays the current capacity of all resources and when a resource reaches 100% capacity an alert is sent to the administrator. Creatives can also check their daily/weekly/monthly assigned tasks so they know what work is booked and plan accordingly. In addition, account managers can check in and see the resource capacity before briefing in work to ensure that resources will be available.


2. Admation eliminates the overwhelming amount of daily emails.
Professionals across many industries are struggling to keep up with the daily bombardment of emails. Admation's robust feedback feature eliminates the need for lengthy and often confusing email approvals. When artwork is sent for approval, stakeholders can simply log into admation, review the work and provide feedback. A simple batch feature means that changes can be sent to designers in batches, eliminating the need to be constantly checking emails and going back and forth with changes.


3. Getting the brief right at the start of a campaign eliminates work later on.
Nailing the brief is everything in this game, and getting it wrong can mean days even weeks of extra work. Cue frustration and stress. With admation's inbuilt project briefing tool, mandatory fields on brief templates guarantee that all project details are captured at the beginning of the project. Briefs can also be sent through a quick approval process to ensure that the details are absolutely correct so there?s no confusion about how to proceed.


4. Online proofing tools provide more control over artwork changes.
When creatives are caught in an endless cycle of artwork changes, they?re unable to complete tasks on deadline and move on to other projects. With admation's online proofing tools, reviewers can highlight an area and then make text comments, which is more accurate than deciphering handwritten markups. Reviewers can also compare two versions online which decreases the chance of changes getting missed.


5. Approval templates and pathways help to fast-track campaigns.
Admation's approval workflow management tool has many great features that eliminate bottle necks and tedious administration which can take hours out of your team's work day. You can customise approval pathways using admation's templates, so all you need to do is click on one to route content along a dedicated path. If you have different approval levels, admation will automatically send artwork on once it's approved by everyone at a nominated level.

Customised pathways also mean that no one is going to review artwork at the wrong time. For example, if Legal reviews artwork too early, it might have to be routed back to them after final approvals which means more unnecessary work. More unnecessary work is just an extra burden for everyone.


6. Less time wasted locating brand assets.
How many times do your designers go searching for assets only to come across a folder with multiple versions? The quandary - is it the most current asset or not?

Admation's inbuilt digital asset management enables users to save their most current assets so then it?s just a quick search to have them at your fingertips. Admation also has an inbuilt ad library for storing final artwork. It also has a nifty re-run feature if you want to run a previous campaign with a quick step approval process.

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