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Admation improves your workflow by integrated custom forms

Posted by Jodie Byass on Oct 27, 2015

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Admation Update – Online Custom Forms

Working in marketing or Advertising, its likely that you gather project information by sharing, completing and reviewing a range of forms, such as client briefs, creative briefs, production details, schedules etc. admationcustomformsUsually, this important information is spread out in a combination of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, and you experience a range of issues such as all the stakeholders having access to the latest version, sharing updated forms or analysing data.

If you are using agency project management software to manage your creative projects and resources, then it would make sense that your custom forms are integrated into your online workflow. With Admation, this functionality is available!

So, let me introduce you to Admation’s Custom Forms. 

What type of custom forms can be created in Admation?

Online forms are completely customisable and can be created to fill almost any requirement. Most common data interfaces are available including text fields/areas, radio buttons & checkboxes, drop down lists and date selectors. Some common examples of forms we have built so far include:

  • Client Brief: Client fills in the form as a brief to their Agency
  • Creative Brief: Account Manager fills in the form as a brief to the creative department
  • Copy Brief: Account Manager fills in the form as a brief to their Copywriter
  • Image Sourcing Brief: A list of images required to be sourced for a particular job.

How do these forms tie in with client’s workflow?

Information is the basis of any workflow and online forms help to capture as much of that information as possible, as accurately as possible from the start of the project. Whether you need a client to brief you on their requirements or you need to brief your studio on an upcoming piece of work, online forms can facilitate this flow of information.

What are some benefits of having a custom form in Admation?

How many times have you had to request a brief be resubmitted because a important area of information was left empty, such as a time critical deadline?

In Admation, online forms can have specific fields made mandatory which ensures that users at least consider all relevant information. Having your forms in Admation also ensures that all users are filling in the most up to date version of that form. Previously you’d make a change to your form template in Word and have to redistribute it to all of your relevant staff and hope that they would use that new version. Now you can make the template change in Admation and users can only use the up-to-date form.

For end users, information that has already been entered into a project can also be applied to your online form. For example, perhaps you have already filled in your project name, the type of work, deadlines & live dates. All of this pre-filled information can appear on the form which saves users from having to re-enter it on every form they need to fill in for a project.

It's often the little things that make a big difference, and integrating customised forms into your agency project management software, means that you are capturing the right data at the right time.  Essentially this can save you time, improve your online workflow and make your team more efficient. 

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