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Getting the most out of your new project management software

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 24, 2017

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So you’ve finally selected your new project management software. Now to ensure that you have a successful implementation phase.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your new creative project management software drawn on years of industry experience and feedback.


1. Pick an optimum time to implement your new project management.

Implementing your new project management software at the busiest time of the year is only going to put more pressure on your teams and potentially drive them back to what they know best – the old system and out dated processes. Schedule the implementation then when your staff aren’t squeezed by a major project and looming deadlines. When an implementation date has been set, make sure that everyone is booked for training.

2. Make sure you have your champion rearing to go.

One reason that project management software fails at the implementation phase is that no one really gets behind it. Humans are creatures of habit, so your champion is someone tasked with drawing people out of their comfort zones to illuminate the benefits of implementing new project management software. The champion is also the person who will check in and ensure that people are using the new system and deal with any issues to make the transition more seamless.

3. Draw a line in the sand for mandatory adoption.

Once everyone has received training and had adequate time to become familiar with the new project management software, it’s time to make the old system obsolete. It’s best that you set a non-negotiable final date for this so that everyone can work towards ironing out any issues they’re having with the new system before this time. Once the old system is turned off, there’s no going back.

4. Ongoing appraisal of the new project management software.

Even after the implementation phase, it’s critical that you keep evaluating your new project management software, at least in the first six months, to see how it’s measuring up. Has it solved the issues that the previous one didn’t? Is anyone having problems navigating the system? What are the benefits and best features of the new system? (We talk more about this in our blog next week)

5. Keep userguides handy for new staff.

With staff coming and going, it’s handy to have training guides that you can offer new team members to help them get up to speed with your project management software. It’s likely your vendor can also offer training videos and guides for newbies to learn from.

Tune in for our next more comprehensive blog on ‘How to Switch Your Agency Project Management Software'

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