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Hot Tips for identifying Approval Workflow Software Requirements

Posted by Jodie Byass on May 12, 2015

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ApprovalWorkflowProcessSo you’ve recognised the need to implement approval workflow solution to streamline your marketing processes. What’s the next step?

Writing your requirements that outline what you want the software to do is a bit like building the framework for a house.

You can’t expect a house to stand properly if you don’t have the correct infrastructure. Likewise, if you don’t get your requirements right, the approval workflow software isn’t likely to stand the test of time. Here are some tips for getting your requirements right.

1. Involve all stakeholders

While approval software might sit within, say, the marketing team that doesn’t mean it’s the only department that should be approached for feedback.

It’s important that other departments such as legal, compliance and product or branding are also part of the conversation as they will bring a different set of requirements to the table. Account managers, who are in direct contact with clients and external stakeholders such as ad agencies will also have something to offer.

Make sure that your stakeholders know that their input is highly valued, as those who are engaged from the beginning are more likely to adopt the approval workflow software once it’s implemented.


2. Stakeholders to outline their specific requirements

So you have the attention of all the right stakeholders, now you need them to outline what they need the solution to do: How do they want it to behave? What problems do they need it to solve? What business processes do they need it to fulfil?

And ask them to be specific about their requirements. For example, marketing might want an inbuilt compare/revision tool so that it’s easier for them and ad agencies to decipher changes in order to reduce artwork revisions. Legal might need to ensure that a solution routes approval to them earlier in the process to prevent late changes and more revisions.

Ultimately, the requirements need to meet the business’s expected outcomes, so that you’re directing your energies into giving the organisation or business what they want. These could such things as streamlining the marketing approval process to ensure campaigns are profitable or making sure compliance is fulfilled across every campaign that is executed.


3. Documenting requirements

If approval software is to be used by marketing, legal, compliance and ad agencies, then it doesn’t really make sense that, say, the IT department writes the requirements. Remember you’re leasing a solution not building one so the requirements need to be written by someone within or very close to the departments that will be actually using it or someone that understands the existing marketing approval processes. 


 4. Prioritise your requirements

Once you have a list of specific requirements, you need to review your list and prioritise these as it’s unlikely you will find a solution that solves every issue. Identify your top 10 ‘must have’ requirements and you’re one step closer to selecting the right online approval software.

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