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Improve your Marketing Output by Nailing your Creative Briefs with admation

Posted by Jodie Byass on Jun 6, 2018 12:00:00 AM
Jodie Byass

There are many important factors that lend to creating great marketing content. Brilliant ideas are the bedrock of memorable campaigns, but you also need amazing talent to bring your ideas to fruition. Less glamorous, yet no less important, is implementing an effective approval workflow process to ensure that your marketing output meets your objectives. A critical component of this process is the humble brief.

According to Hubspot: ?It?s easy to want to just jump into a project, believing that everyone has the same vision of the project. The problem? That?s rarely the case. That?s why the creative brief is so important. It gets everyone to buy into one vision, and more importantly, it determines the direction of the project.?


The creative brief
So much of what you produce and how you produce it hinges on the creative brief. A well-rounded brief should embody the essence of your marketing project as well as scope out your requirements ? the what, how and when ? so that no questions are left unanswered. Nonetheless, all too often the brief is rushed in order to get a project underway which can lead to a range of issues such as time wasted chasing information, guesswork, high artwork revisions, delayed approvals and deadlines, and a decrease in the overall quality of your campaigns.  How to improve this marketing brief?  Slow it down, and take it in steps.

Briefing made easy and effective with admation
Admation?s approval workflow software will help you nail your briefs so that you can start your creative projects where you want to finish: highly accomplished and satisfied.  read on for simple steps to better write your content marketing briefs. 

1. Capture those critical details with admation?s online briefing forms.
Admation?s online briefing forms guarantee that you kick start your marketing campaigns on the right foot. No more fly by the desk conversations that constitute a brief or sketchy emails that miss pertinent details. Admation?s briefs provide all the mandatory fields that stakeholders need to fill in before a project can be created, including an overview of the project, the budget, important milestones, keywords and tags (for easy searchability once the project had been created) and attachments.

2. Admation?s brief approvals ensure that you get project details right from the start.
Eliminate guess work or the need to chase information after the fact with admation?s brief approvals. This feature enables users to send a marketing brief through a quick approval process so that nominated stakeholders can review and approve the brief. This way you know that everybody?s on the same page before any work commences which ultimately cuts down on artwork changes further down the track.

3. Admation?s brief templates eliminate repetitive administration.
As a marketer, it?s likely you produce a range of similar campaigns. In admation, you can save a brief template for a particular type of campaign which means that you don?t have to re-enter the same details every time you start a new project. Just a few clicks and your brief is ready to go. This feature saves time when you?re juggling multiple marketing projects.

4. All creative briefs are saved in admation?s approval workflow software.
All briefs are saved in admation, a centralised platform that acts as a hub for all of your project documents and files. This solution guarantees that no brief documentation or communications are lost, meaning you always have an audit trail of your marketing work.

If you?d like to know more about admation and how it can enhance and improve your briefing process, schedule a live demo today! 

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