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Safeguard your brand against marketing non-compliance

Posted by Jodie Byass on Aug 15, 2016 12:00:00 AM
Jodie Byass

Tips to safeguard your brand against non-compliance

Over the last few weeks, we?ve been focusing on the hot topic of marketing compliance: why it?s so important and the risks of non-compliance. Today we?re going to bring you up to speed on how you can safeguard your brand against marketing non-compliance because the alternative ? the risk of being fined or having your reputation tarnished ? simply isn?t worth it

Here are some tips to assist you.

1. Implement a failsafe approval workflow process.

When it comes to marketing compliance, if you don?t have an efficient approval workflow process things will inevitably fall through the cracks. A classic example of this is when key stakeholders are missed in the approval process leading to misinformation going public. You need to have a failsafe approval workflow process that ensures all stakeholders are sent artwork for feedback and approval. Additionally, the process needs to take into account the timing of when artwork is sent. For example, there?s no point sending artwork to your legal or compliance team too early in the process because late changes could breach regulations without anyone being the wiser.


 2. Create strict guidelines to protect your brand.

To represent your brand in the best light while checking off your marketing compliance, make sure you have stringent brand guidelines in place to outline how marketing assets (logos, colours, templates) and messages are to be used.  Don?t leave any room for error or guess work ? keep instructions simple and concise. Marketing protocols also need to be kept updated at all times and saved in a central location that is easy for stakeholders to access. Don?t give anyone the opportunity to cut corners.  By maintaing all brand assets in an online asset library, you minimise the risk of the old

3. Attend courses and workshops on marketing compliance to stay abreast of changes.

Marketing compliance is not a static but ever changing entity. For this reason, you need to find ways to stay up to date with legislation and best work practices. While big data technology and social media have provided new ways for brands to reach consumers, they?ve also created new ways for brands to get into legal hot water. Today, there are many courses available that explain the regulations surrounding data collection and social media compliance. Likewise, you could organise for your legal department to come and speak to your team about changes in legislation whenever they occur. Training new staff on policy and instilling an environment of compliance will also go along way in keeping your marketing work in check.

4. Make sure you keep an audit trail of all marketing work.

It?s critical that you track all project work to create an audit trail of your marketing, from briefing projects to approval workflow to finalising and saving assets. An audit trail enables you to cross your t?s and dot your i?s along the way but, more importantly, if you were ever called up to contest a regulation breach it might be the very thing that saves your brand from litigation.

5. Technology can help prevent non-compliance issues.

More brands are turning to approval workflow software as it offers many benefits when it comes to safeguarding against non-compliance. For one, brands can set unique approval pathways to ensure that all stakeholders approve artwork (in the right order) before any campaign goes live. An approval workflow solution that it integrated with a digital asset management (DAM) component will also prevent people from using the wrong files as all final assets are saved here. Additionally, approval workflow software automatically saves all files and feedback in a central hub so that you have a transparent audit trail of marketing work without having to think about it.

6. Consider whether it?s time to employ a compliance manager to keep your marketing compliance on track.

If you?re struggling to stay on top of your marketing compliance, it might well be time to invest in a compliance manager, someone whose job it is to know and avoid all of the risks associated with non-compliance.  Or at the very least consider reviewing an approval workflow solution. 

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