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The benefits of an Approval Workflow Software to optimise marketing projects

Posted by Jodie Byass on Oct 15, 2020 12:00:00 AM
Jodie Byass

If you are not familiar with marketing approval workflow software, then it is time to get up to speed and learn why marketing teams and ad agencies are adopting workflow solutions to manage their marketing projects.

Approval workflow software centralises all of your marketing projects, documents, assets, designs, feedback, messaging and processes in one centralised hub.

The benefits of adopting such software varies between organisations and can depend on factors such as the size of your marketing team, the processes you already have in place, and the people and culture within your organisation. Online approval workflows help streamline the marketing approval process, make projects more efficient, and save organisations both time and money.


Below is a list of some of the most common benefits achieved from utilising workflow approval software.

Streamline your marketing approval process

Forget having to trawl through an enormous email chain just to see the status of a project. Integrating marketing approval workflow software across your business will allow you to dispense with old-fashioned and clunky email approval processes and instead manage your approvals effortlessly in one central hub.

This helps get all your teams and departments working with the one process, making it easy to submit briefs, approval requests and feedback as well as set designated approval lists and automated notifications to remind relevant stakeholders that feedback is required. This also helps reduce compliance risks as no deliverables can be finalised without approval.

Plan and track your online approval workflow and work-in-progress in one central hub

When you?re working on many projects with several teams and stakeholders it?s important to know what stage a project is at, no matter who is working on it at the time. Rather than having to track down different teams and departments to see who has the most recent work-in-progress, you?ll be able to log into your project overview to see exactly where your marketing project is in an instant.

It?s also easy to set the teams and stakeholders who need to be involved in a certain project, as well as add deadlines for feedback and final approval. This means you?ll not only see where your project is at, but who is working on it at the time, who has given feedback, and who is yet to approve it.


Automate your marketing administration

Online workflow software doesn?t just make it easier to manage your projects, but also all of the admin that comes with them. You can create and save your own templates that are ready to use at the start of each new project, duplicate previous projects so you can work off similar designs in the future, and set automated reminders for feedback and approval so you don?t have to do all the chasing to make sure things get done.

It simplifies your marketing approval process by centralising messaging, feedback, project tracking and approval in the one place, leaving you more time to get on with other projects or your next big idea. It can also be incredibly useful to keep track of the time demands of staff as you can see who is already working on other projects or who might have more capacity to meet your deadline.

  1. Provide transparency on your projects

Project transparency is crucial, particularly when you?re working across different departments, teams, or even organisations. Having a central marketing approval workflow software means you?ll be able to see in an instance who has approved the deliverable, or who hasn?t.

You can also track what point the project is at, whether it?s on deadline, and who has made edits. Thisis extremely useful for compliance reasons,as you have an online record of edits and approval in a central place, and projects cannot be completed unless they?ve been approved by crucial stakeholders.

  1. Help track whether you are on time and on budget

Transparency of deadlines also helps you keep track of whether a project is going to come in on budget. Online approval workflow software can let you set deadlines across different stages of the project to make sure each department is working efficiently and on time. After all, on-time also means on-budget.

You can batch your feedback and approval for design edits to ensure your designers are making edits in one stage, rather than spending both time and money having to come back to duplicate or even conflicting changes. You can also set stages of approval, so stakeholders don?t have to waste time approving a particular design before they know it?s readyfor their eyes.

  1. Manage your marketing assets

Finally, one of the major benefits of an approval workflow software is that it can help you manage all your digital or design assets, both during the project and afterwards. You can store final assets so they don?t go astray, as well as share them with any selected and approved stakeholders throughan easy-to-use and secure download link.  


These are just some of the high-level benefits of working with approval workflow software, but there are so many more. If you would like to learn more about the benefits admation has brough to other organisations, we can suggest some further reading: Admation brings real savings to CPA Australia or Admation appointed to streamline David Jones' marketing process



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