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The 2016 Year in Review!

Posted by Jodie Byass on Dec 21, 2016

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It’s hard to believe that 2016 is wrapping up and I hope it’s been a year of kicking goals for you. There was certainly plenty going on in the marketing and advertising space, with particular trends setting the pace and tone for the year. 


This year, marketing compliance was back in the spotlight. With the prevalence of omni-channel marketing, experts have been urging brands to make marketing compliance a priority to avoid non-compliance issues. With more brands coming under the scrutiny of the ACCC and other regulatory bodies, it seems there’s little room for letting your marketing compliance laps with financial and reputational stakes so high.

2016 also saw an upswing in brands breaking the mould of one-on-one relationships with big agencies and seeking out smaller, more specialised digital outfits to cater to their array of objectives. As a result, smaller agencies are needing to get up to speed with digital tools to service big brands effectively. And as usual, there was a lot going on in terms of how to streamline your work operations. After all, marketers and creatives are always looking for ways to work smarter to make more time for being creative.

A bit closer to home, the focus then for the admation product team was to continue to improve and refine the software’s approval workflow to ensure it remains a standout solution that responds to the multiple challenges across the industry.  

This is how we kicked some goals in 2016:

In the first quarter, we released a new drag and drop feature in admation to shortcut some of the time that’s spent administrating creative projects. When users upload files to admation now, they can bypass the traditional browse and navigate method and simply drag the file onto the admation screen. Users can upload multiple deliverables as well as artwork to many deliverables at the same time. In addition, new assets can be uploaded to the digital asset library using the new feature. The less time users spend on managing projects, the more time they get to be creative!


In the second quarter, we released admation’s resource management feature which simplifies the process of managing tasks, scheduling resources, estimating and planning future resources, and administering staff leave. This has elevated admation to a stand alone resource management solution, making it one of the few solutions in the marketplace that offers both approval workflow and resource management in one. We think this is a marriage made in heaven, as it allows users to manage and resource creative projects from start to finish with more visibility and ease. And we’ve seen first hand some of the great results.


In the third quarter, we implemented admation across the Bendigo Bank with the aim of streamlining their marketing approval and compliance processes. With marketing compliance so high on the agenda, it’s more important than ever to have tools in place to monitor and regulate marketing compliance. In fact, many brands are now stipulating that their agencies have digital tools that offer more transparency over creative projects. It’s great privilege for us to support the Bendigo Bank in managing their marketing compliance.


In the last quarter, we commenced the rollout of admation across Mondelez Global to over 1,200 users in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific commenced. If you don’t already know, Mondelez Global is a worldwide snack company which distributes through 165 companies and owns a number of iconic brands including Oreo, Cadbury, Toblerone and Ritz. It’s great to have this company on board and to enable such a vast number of users to streamline their approval workflow to work smarter every day.


Last but not least, we recently delivered some product updates for admation – a new Dashboard feature and ‘Quick Approve’ button. On the Dashboard page (the old Home page), we’ve simplified the process of creating new projects. There are two new tabs on the page, a ‘Create New Project’ and ‘Quick Approval’. If you click on ‘Create New Project’, you can now fast track the process on one screen instead of having to go through 5 steps like previously. We’ve also removed some of the excess data fields. Dashboard also now displays more of the recent projects and activity so that users can keep track of their work easily. To push those urgent jobs through, users simply have to click on the ‘Quick Approve’ tab. The simple navigation of these new features makes it super easy for users to load, track and approve creative tasks.

And with this, I bid you a happy and healthy farewell to 2016. I’ll meet you back here in 2017 when we take a look at what’s in store for 2017.  

But if your 2016 has been a chaotic year, then perhaps its time to starting looking to implement some changes to your approval workflow and marketing project management in 2017?  Now is the time to start reviewing your marketing workflow.

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